Kaliware LLC

The three major threats to productivity are time-consuming tasks, low-priority tasks, and complex technology. All three can drain your limited resources, distract your employees, and prevent you from focusing on those activities critical to generating revenue. We know, because we run a business too, and need to constantly ensure that our people are focused on all the right things.

Managing Director

Brigitte Marshall

Sales Director

Experienced client service and sales professional.

Helping you promote your business is our only focus. Want a cool mobile App? Need to speed through your daily workload faster? Need technical support? Call Us! "You'll be happy you did, and you'll save money on top of that."

Jordan Davis

Managing Director


There's nothing more time-consuming to your business than customer service, business development and back-office operations. Want to simplify? Call us. Want to grow your business faster? Call us. Want to get more things done in less time? Call us!

Gary Rattray


Entrepreneur, Technologist, and self-confessed geek. Gary Rattray has worked for some of the largest financial firms in New York City. He has 15 years of technology experience and a MBA in Finance.

We work with you to automate and simplify time-consuming tasks like development, billing, record-keeping, customer relationship management; and complex multi-step business processes that can benefit from software automation. Consider how much time you spend now on low priority tasks today? Wouldn't it be better to spend more time on lead generation, sales and those activities that grow your business?